Like us,  the PINOY BOSS (PB) has feelings too.  PB knows how to love and be loved though sometimes he/she seems to be as cold as a rock at Antarctica.  PB experiences sadness and sorrow though he/she seems to have never known these feelings.  PB relishes the feeling of joy brought about by people close to him/her but would rarely show it.

Wikimedia Commons/Boss-icon.png/by Rion/CC-BY-3.0

Wikimedia Commons/Boss-icon.png/by Rion/CC-BY-3.0

The PINOY BOSS has also his/her share of shortcomings. He/She may have fallen short of expectations insofar as being a father or a mother maybe.  PB may have failed to be a good friend to some long time close acquaintances.

The PINOY BOSS also experiences failures.  PB may have failed to develop himself/herself professionally.  He/She may be a failure as a citizen or a member of his/her spiritual community.

All said, the PINOY BOSS is not some sort of a deity or a super terrestrial being. He/She, just like us, is also a HUMAN BEING.

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