After making a plan, the PINOY BOSS (PB) will implement it.

PB will monitor results.  Did the business achieve its objectives?  Were the plans executed in the manner PB had wanted?  How were the resources utilized?  If PB is not satisfied with the results, then PB will conduct an in-depth and objective review of company operations.

PB will take another hard look at the business activities, procedures, and processes.

Together with key personnel and other stakeholders, PB will review and analyze results, what have been done to deliver these results, and how company resources were allocated.  They have to understand the current status of the business and what led to it.

PB and his team will look for areas for improvement.  They will determine specifically how to improve performance in cost reduction, revenue generation,  market development, and other key areas.  They have to find ways for more efficient and profitable operations.

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