Non-traditional advertising delivers your brand message with greater impact and reverberates with a strong recall.

You can craft a brand message in a manner that is customized, suited, and more personalized for your target audience.  You establish faster a direct communication link with your customers.

Non-traditional advertising (also known as  below-the-line or out-of-home advertising) uses any media, outside the realm of TV, radio, and print, to communicate with customers about your products.

It includes such media as:  

  • billboards
  • banners
  • streamers
  • message boards or boxes
  • wall stickers and murals
  • transit ads
  • street furniture
  • direct mails
  • emails
  • fliers
  • any other medium except mass media.
Wikimedia Commons/rotunda_ as_ advertising_column.jpg column/self-made photograph/Szczebrzeszynski/Public domain

Wikimedia Commons/rotunda_ as_ advertising_column.jpg /self-made photograph/Szczebrzeszynski/Public domain

These media are more focused on specific market segment – gender, age, household income, lifestyle, geographic location, behavior, and specialized niches.  These reach your target market directly.

It is not only more focused but it is also less expensive.  It is efficient and cost-effective.

With its proven advantages, non-traditional advertising synergistically strengthens the other elements of an integrated marketing communication campaign.

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