Training and Services for Small Business Owners

Recent business management consultancy engagements with my clients have made me focus on providing specific training programs and business services for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME’s) starting in July 2015.


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These training programs are designed to empower you – the small business owner –  and your people to deliver the performance and results that you want  for an organized, efficient, productive,  and profitable business.

The business services are intended to help you (or potential entrepreneurs) to plan and to operate your business at a level that is more proficient, contemporary, and forward-looking.

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Training programs

The training programs currently include the following:

  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Work process
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

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You may be operating your business already but sometimes think you still need a clear direction or you would like to re-define your short- and long-term goals, the workable action plans to achieve those goals, and the appropriate resources needed to implement those plans.

You need a strategic plan.

Maybe you are having difficulty competing in your market place simply because as you have eventually realized that you have been tapping a loosely defined market, you do not know your inherent competitive advantage, nor you know enough about your competitors.  You may have been competing  on the basis of price alone which is not good in the long-run.

You need  a marketing strategy.

Or, you may have simply hired salespeople, gave them the sales literature and price list, and told them to sell the products/services expecting that sales revenues would start coming in.

But without good marketing and sales plans as well as organized monitoring, sales would not come in as you have expected and your operations would be costly and unproductive.

 Business services

The business services currently provided are as follows:

  • Business plans
  • Marketing strategies
  • Marketing plans
  • Market studies
  • Market research
  • Strategic plans
  • Competitor analysis
business services

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As an aspiring entrepreneur or business owner you may be equipped alright with excellent business concept.  But before jumping in and committing your hard earned money into that business venture, you need to have a clear idea how to go about it, your target market, the strategy you will implement, your management team or how you will manage it, the technical and production feasibility of your product (if you are marketing a product), how and where to get additional financing for your business, and most importantly whether or not  you will make money in this business.

You need, therefore, a professionally done business plan especially if you are to convince or pitch to prospective partners, investors, and/or financiers.

As a new or existing business owner, you  would like to enter into new markets.

It might be very costly or it is bound to fail if you do not have a market study that can give you critical information and insights on the characteristics, size, potential, and trend on the new market, the competition, and the environment prevailing in the new market.

Many entrepreneurs are now using or intending to use online or internet marketing for their business.

I am sure you would also like to go into online marketing.

The reach, cost-effectiveness, and success of online marketing have amazed many small business owners.  While this perception is generally correct,  there are always exceptions. Some have failed or have been disappointed with results of their online marketing initiatives.

To succeed in online marketing, you have to learn and apply the correct concepts and techniques.

Like the many online marketers who have succeeded, you have to spend time and resources in doing it properly and with some help from people who know online marketing.

The small business owners like you will go a long way learning from these training programs and availing of these professional business services.

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