Social Media Marketing: How Small Businesses Profit From It


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Social media marketing uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and others to attract attention, create interest, or develop a community of followers for individuals and organizations.  For small businesses, social media marketing has become a cost-effective marketing tool that significantly boost sales and improve profits.

Some benefits from social media marketing

  • Promote products and services
  • Create/Sustain brand awareness and reputation
  • Build organic reach
  • Generate leads
  • Nurture a community of loyal followers
  • Engage potential customers
  • Promote thought leadership

How to use social media marketing effectively

To reap the benefits cited above and more, small businessmen should learn and diligently work on proven practices that render social media marketing an effective marketing tool.

Know your target market well

At the core of social media marketing are the basic elements of marketing – knowing your target market segment, their needs, their demographic profile, their preferences, their buying behavior.

Determine what contents would be valuable to them

Based on what you know about your target clients, think of contents – articles, images, or videos – that would likely get their attention and interest.  These contents must be deemed valuable and useful to your target market so they will read and follow regularly your social media posts.  Do not post pushy sales pitch.

Draw up a content strategy

You have to come up not only with useful and engaging contents but you also have to organize publishing these contents in such a way as to present a logical series of topics that are posted in a regular manner and time in appropriate social media platforms.

Interact with your audience

Readers may like, comment, or share your posts.  You also have to respond to them accordingly and in a timely manner.  Thank them for liking your posts. You also thank them for their comments and answer their questions or clarify some points they raise.

Your social media posts serve also as listening posts where you can monitor, listen, and engage with your readers and followers. You can feel the pulse of your existing and potential clients – get feedback, suggestions, and act on complaints.

Connect with influencers

Some people are considered or reputed to be authorities in your particular industry.  Find out who they are and try connecting with them. Like, share, or comment on their posts.  You can also follow their followers. Getting to know these influencers can eventually lead to establishing links and relationship that will be good for your business.

Use social media together with other online initiatives

For synergistic online presence, use social media together with blogs and website contents.  Social media is commonly and effectively used to drive traffic to your blogs and landing pages.  While you use SEO to improve ranking in organic search, social media posts can direct your readers directly to specific blog contents or web contents about your product or service.

On the other hand, compelling and engaging blog and web page contents can build a wider and more loyal social media following.

Monitor result of social media campaigns

Social media platforms have analytics or data compiled to show you how your posts are doing.  These include views, impressions, likes, reach, followers, and others.  From these data, you can gauge how well your posts are doing especially in terms of audience engagement and response.  You may need to implement some changes in targeting, posting tactics, or content strategy.

Social media is an effective marketing tool

A well planned and clear social media marketing strategy that is properly implemented is a potent tool that will help small businessmen achieve their marketing objectives.

Social media marketing is a long term investment.  It takes time – weeks, months, or even years – before you reap its full benefits.  But persistence and the longer time you spend engaging and developing relationship with your potential clients, the more conversion or sales you generate.

Our company helps businessmen use social media as an effective marketing tool.




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