Can Social Media Really Help In Customer Acquisition?


Image Credit: Pixabay

As almost everyone knows, use of social media in marketing has been growing. Billions are using social media.

Content is key

Social media practitioners all know that content is important.  In fact, it is crucial.

Some may argue that search engine optimization (SEO) is more important. Maybe.

But content with the most relevant keywords is among the good SEO practices.  I know this from actual experience.

Understanding marketing fundamentals

Good content, however, flows out of a thorough understanding of your target market and your market environment.  Knowing these marketing fundamentals is a prerequisite to generating useful information that make for good content:

  • Your target market – their needs, preferences, behavior
  • Your market size, potential, trend, risks and opportunities
  • Your competition
  • Your competitive advantage
  • Your marketing objectives
  • Your marketing strategy and implementation plan

Who is your target market? What is their profile? What are their preferences insofar as the product or service you are offering is concerned and why? How and where are they buying these?  Studies have shown that brands with social media presence are perceived to be more credible and are patronized more.

How about your competition – where and how do they promote their brand? Do they rank higher in search results? If so, what are they doing correctly that you are not aware of?

How do you highlight your competitive advantage. Your target audience should be aware of this so they have a reason to patronize your brand.

What are your marketing objectives?  How do you intend to attain these?  What are the action steps that you have to take?

A thorough understanding of these marketing fundamentals will put you into proper perspective when crafting your social media marketing strategy and campaign.

A solid combination of marketing fundamentals and good content will result in an effective social media campaign.  You facilitate more meaningful audience engagements.  You convert more visitors into high potential leads.  You develop more buying customers.

I say social media remains one of the effective tools in online customer acquisition.

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