How Effective is Email Marketing in Generating Sales?

email marketing

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Email marketing is still the preferred tool in closing sales or converting a lead into a customer. In fact, more online marketers recognize the critical role of email strategies and campaigns in their overall marketing strategy. The reasons are obvious.

Email campaign is not simply sending emails

An email campaign requires a lot of market data and customer insights.  You should have a good grasp of the following:

  • Demographics – gender, age, income, education, and location of your target clients/audience
  • Psychographics – their tastes, preferences, buying habits, and purchase decision influences
  • Competition – how competitors are trying to communicate and influence your target market
  • Your competitive advantage – how to maximize your competitive advantage to win the attention, interest, and patronage of your target buyers
  • Customer insights and analytics – your customers’ purchase history, online behavior and activities, social network engagements, site visits, page views, previous campaigns’ open rates, click-through rates, and conversions, and other relevant data

You then have to create an email design with images and copy that can get the attention of your target audience.  The overall design should be inviting, compelling, and persuasive. Be sure you have an unsubscribe option.

There should be a powerful and actionable call-to-action.

You have to develop also an effective landing page (a click-through landing page in case of email marketing) to adequately inform and guide your recipient-visitor toward making the much-desired purchasing decision.

Integrate social media into your email campaign by adding sharing buttons to your email.

Your email list should be of good quality. Some recipients’ email addresses change so it reduces the quality of your list.  Update your list and add new addresses. Use social media, blogs, and web content to grow your list. It is a bad idea to buy a third-party list.

Check also your email deliverability.  Does your email reach the inbox of your recipients? Make sure that your list includes only recipients with whom you have previous recent communication (this is why using a third-party list is such a bad idea).

Email marketing platforms are loaded with useful features

Email software packages come with a variety of features that you can use to enhance the reach and effectiveness of your campaigns.  Some of these features are:

  • Flexible designs – different email templates to match your campaign theme
  • Marketing automation – define certain conditions or customer behavior that, when met, can trigger or automatically send emails to designated recipients
  • Apps integration – sync your data from other apps and services you use
  • Tracking tools – tell you who is opening, clicking, and sharing your email
  • Analytics – use these metrics to analyze campaign performance so you can improve on your succeeding campaigns

There are a lot of other functionalities offered by the top email marketing software packages.

Email marketing is here to stay

While not all marketers depend on email marketing to optimize their conversion rate, it will still be the choice of many.  According to Hubspot, 75% of marketers were using more emails than they were three years ago. It will remain the best medium to communicate facts and figures, as well make an emotional connection of your brand, product or service to your target buyers.  It gives them all the information they would need and it can set off an underlying emotional appeal that leads to the coveted buying decision.

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