7 Important Content Marketing Statistics for Asian Marketers

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Asian marketers can improve further the effectiveness of their content marketing campaigns by taking a serious look at these seven selected content marketing statistics compiled by Hubspot:

  1. 50% of businesses in APAC are doing content marketing, but have no strategy

Having no strategy is a common shortcoming of many content marketers not only in Asia but also in other regions of the world.

Without a content marketing strategy, our efforts will likely go to waste.

We will have no objectives to define why we are doing content marketing, no clear audience profile nor buyer persona, no chosen topics that will resonate with our audience, no systematic plan as to how, when, and where to publish content, no way to measure our progress, and no means of determining ROI.

Let us craft even a simple strategy to make our content marketing campaigns deliver at least modest initial results.  We can always learn along the way, iterate, and be more effective as we progress along.

  1. 70% of APAC businesses feel their content marketing efforts are limited, basic, or inconsistent

I have the same dilemma as this 70%.

While acknowledging the fact that content is crucial in today’s marketing success, we feel we are not doing enough as a result of either inadequate knowledge or lack of resources (particularly talent and time), or both.

Whatever we have started seems rudimentary and ineffective.

Compounding the problem are other priorities that keep us from consistently learning and improving on our content marketing.

Notwithstanding, we can always try to improve.  Let us set aside time to really learn and practice good content marketing and to consistently measure our progress as we move along.

  1. 57% of APAC marketers say producing quality content is an obstacle to their success

Not too many started with producing quality content.

According to some widely respected content marketers, they have attained successful status by persistently practicing and spending hundreds of hours creating content that really connect and engage with their audience.

It is never too late for us to start.  After a few hundred hours more of practice, we shall have delivered quality content to our target audience.

  1. 53% of marketers in APAC struggle to produce enough content

I am also struggling with this problem.

I am aware that the more we produce good content, the more we achieve a higher level of credibility resulting in more engagement and following by our audience.

But where in the world will I get topics for my content?  (Some online articles give pretty good suggestions on topic sources.) Or, how can I squeeze content writing into my busy work days?

As part of a content strategy, we can come up with a simple content calendar that includes creating a list of topics (not in one sitting) that can be of interest to our audience, can fill up at least a month’s schedule, and also include a schedule for researching and writing about it.

  1. Only 40% of businesses in Asia are convinced of the value of content marketing & can measure its ROI

This is something that some clients or bosses would really bring up to their consultant or marketing staff.  Some would even ask: “What is content marketing and why would I spend money on it?”. This is a perfectly valid question.

Aside from defining in simple terms what content marketing is, we should come up with an equally easy to understand strategy.

In addition to the marketing objectives, the other important part of our justification is to be able to show the ROI – we spend this much and we increase our sales this much over a certain period of time and generate this much incremental profit – which usually they would easily understand and approve.

  1. 69% of APAC businesses use website traffic to measure content marketing success

The more website traffic the better. More page views, more likes, more shares are good.  But in spite of all these good audience interactions, are we really getting any business?  Are we generating sales?  Are we signing up more subscribers?

Let us face it.  Most, if not all, of us are promoting online to boost our business, to bring in more sales. Is this not the reason why we have convinced our clients or bosses to launch a content marketing campaign?  Without revenue, we have no ROI to show.

Our online marketing efforts should always result, directly or indirectly, in producing a desirable ROI.

  1. 62% of APAC marketers measure their content success using social shares

This is similar to No. 6 above.  Social shares are good.  It is really fantastic if our content becomes viral.  Our product, service, brand, and company get unprecedented attention and eventually build a large following.

Again, we have to leverage these exciting developments to generate revenue and translate these into an appreciable ROI.

Hubspot has other more revealing and interesting statistics about content marketing in Asia Pacific.  I enjoin you to take these into consideration in your effort to become a more effective Asian content marketer.

As often said, a good content is one that is relevant, useful, and can emotionally connect with your target audience.  It is a food for thought that becomes a regular mental staple for your community of online followers who are passionate about the core theme of whatever you are dishing out to them.

Before we can consistently produce and effectively deliver good content, we should have a goal-directed strategy, the discipline to focus on and practice creating good content, and the persistence to progressively deliver an ROI that our clients or bosses would be happy about.

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