How to Prepare a Marketing Strategy: A Short Series for Entrepreneurs

marketing strategy


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Starting with this post, I am publishing a short series explaining in a simple manner but comprehensive enough how to prepare a marketing strategy.

With this series, I am hoping that entrepreneurs would be able to learn something in understanding better and preparing marketing strategies themselves.

Topics to be covered

Marketing strategies can be as short as a one-page presentation outlining basic information or as long as multi-pages filled with visuals and appendices detailing complex markets and products/services offerings. I will discuss the basics only.  The simpler it is, the easier it is to understand and implement.

Initially, here are the major topics to be discussed in the order as presented below:

  • Marketing objectives

  • Market analysis

  • Organizational analysis

  • Strategies

  • Resources required

Marketing strategies can include other major topics but for this series, I consider the above as essential to preparing a basic and workable strategy.

What is important here is that entrepreneurs, particularly those who are starting a business for the first time and those without any marketing background can understand these topics, assimilate these into their business models, and prepare a marketing strategy themselves.

I can add more topics as we develop the case study especially if there will be suggestions from the readers.

Selected case project

I have selected the furniture business as the case project.

Aside from my long experience and familiarity with the furniture industry, this business has a universal appeal.

Everyone everywhere needs at least a piece of furniture.  It is used in homes, offices, schools, commercial establishments, and other places where there are people.  It is sold in the B2C and B2B markets. It is sold online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

As furniture can be marketed by startups, SMBs, and large and global enterprises, the study can be interesting to a wide spectrum of entrepreneurs.

I have also noted that more and more small businesses worldwide would like to have a good marketing strategy prepared for their business – startups and existing – using either online or offline approaches, or both.


The series will go through the process of preparing a marketing strategy on a proposed furniture business.

The topics enumerated above will then be explained using the information in the sample study.

To make the discussion simple and straightforward, the study will tackle a hypothetical situation but which is closely aligned with a real market situation.

Incidentally, I am also starting to use animation in my blogs.  I hope to make my content delivery lighter, less rigid, and less formal. The above initial attempt at animation, which has been created using Powtoon free plan, is a work in progress.


For the first installment of this series, look out for my next blog.  Time permitting, I would like to dish out the series on a weekly basis.

I suggest you capture the whole series by following my blogs (simply press the small light blue rectangle follow button on the right sidebar).

Meanwhile, let me know if you have other concerns I can help you with.

We value your feedback.

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