Digital Marketing for Small Businesses: Important Things to Consider

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Marketers and business people in many parts of the world are talking about digital marketing. Businesses – startups, small businesses, and big brands – are seriously considering or have been using digital marketing.  Many of them are looking for or hiring digital marketers or digital marketing agencies for professional help.

Can digital marketing deliver the desired results? Is it really an effective marketing strategy for various categories and sizes of business?

The answer to both questions is yes.

There are, however, crucial things to consider before any business implements a digital marketing strategy.  Three of such considerations will be discussed below.

Marketing and sales functions

But before anything else, it should be pointed out that digital marketing does not comprise the whole marketing function.  It touches on one just one element of the marketing mix – promotion.

Digital marketing largely covers the sales function.  It can generate both marketing- and sales-qualified leads, it can help prospective customers navigate the buyers’ journey – from the awareness stage, to consideration stage, and finally to the decision stage or sales closing. It can do other direct and indirect sales functions.

Having pointed these out, let us proceed to the critical considerations in digital marketing. We can call these the 3 C’s of digital marketing:  customer, content, and communication.



When we talk about the customer, we always discuss the buyer persona.

Let us go back to the definition of buyer persona. A buyer persona is a hypothetical representation of the ideal customer embodying the target market’s most critical, relevant, and common demographic and psychographic characteristics, and how these influence their perception of a value proposition that consequently results in either a positive or negative consideration.

The buyer persona is the bull’s eye of all marketing efforts.  Strategies, plans, and campaigns are built around it. The buyer persona provides the all-important insights into how customers think, feel, and act.



In the case of digital marketing, contents of website, blog, social media post, newsletter, and ad copy are developed and published with the buyer persona in mind. We develop content that we consider useful, relevant, and engaging to our target audience based on the buyer persona.

Delivering content that is most appropriate to the different stages or milestones of a customer’s journey will not only help the customer make an informed decision but also make that decision favorable to our company.

These contents are promoted to reach, to engage, and to elicit a positive response from potential customers.



Unless a good content is communicated to a potential customer nothing happens.

To reach potential customers, we must know first where they are or where they normally spend their time. As almost everyone knows, potential customers are found on social media. In 2019, it is estimated that there will be about 2.8 billion social media users worldwide (or one out of three people on Earth).

Contents can be communicated on social media platforms organically (free) or as a sponsored content.

Contents of websites, blogs, and other online articles are also promoted to a target audience organically through search engine optimization.


Always remember the 3 C’s in digital marketing.  We welcome your questions, comments, or suggestions,  particularly about digital marketing.

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