Emails: The Best Tool to Manage the Buyer’s Journey

email marketing

No other online tool can beat email in effectively communicating with your buyer as they go through the various stages of their buying journey – from awareness to making the purchase decision and continuously delighting them as your brand loyalist. Besides, a great majority of customers check their emails daily.

Whatever new online tools become available or new trends emerge, email marketing will stay in the foreseeable future.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the process of sending emails to recipients in a database with the purpose of promoting a product or service.

An email can be one time or a part of a series of emails programmed to be created and sent on specified dates and times.

The email database can be a list of existing and potential customers created over time in the course of business operations.

While the overarching purpose of an email is to promote, it can be crafted in different ways to achieve specific goals in a buyer’s journey like to create brand awareness, encourage viewer engagement with the brand, answer questions, offer customized solutions, and eventually close the sale.

What makes emails an effective online marketing tool?

The email list can be segmented by groups of recipients that have common demographic and psychographic characteristics. This segmentation corresponds to identifying the different buyer personas your business is catering to.

With this done, you can create different email contents that will appeal to these various personas.  You can then personalize your emails so it can effectively connect with your target audience.

Emails to millennials should be different to those sent to baby boomers, or it may be a bit modified to entice more the female audience, or emails can be customized to appeal to different behaviors and lifestyles. 

Personalization is a powerful attribute of an email campaign.

Another strength of an email campaign is that it can be programmed to be sent based on specific triggers or events.

As buyers move from one stage to another of their online journey, specific emails can be sent to them. If a buyer has responded positively to your emails customized for the consideration stage, you can consequently send them emails designed for the closing stage.

Email softwares are available to enable you to send drip emails or automated emails.

You can also enhance the effectiveness of your emails through creative copywriting, attractive visuals, and compelling calls-to-action (CTA).

The words, visuals, and CTA’s used in every email can appeal emotionally and resonate effectively with your target audience. Thus, they engage with your emails and take positive actions on your brand and offer.

A good email is clicked, read, and shared thus enhancing its effectiveness.

How to create an effective email campaign

  • Create your buyer personas and segment your email list based on these personas;
  • Know the needs, problems, or pain points of your target customers;
  • Write short email pieces that directly and emotionally address these needs, problems, and pain points;
  • Create catchy subject lines, headlines, and body text for these emails using creative fonts with appropriate sizes, colors, and spacing;
  • Select visuals that clearly portray the content of your email; the visuals can be images (pictures, drawings, illustrations, infographics), videos, or gifs;
  • Design a call to action button that catches the attention of the readers and compels them to click it;
  • Use a responsive overall email design that can be read perfectly on all devices especially smartphones;
  • Use software to automate the process of sending out your different customized emails;
  • Prepare an equally appropriate and easy-to-understand landing page where your readers will be directed when they click your CTA button;
  • Remember: your landing page should reflect the content of your email and enable the readers to take the desired action;
  • Send the corresponding follow-up or thank you emails;
  • Monitor periodically your open rate, click rate, and other metrics to optimize performance.

Final words

Email, being an effective online marketing tool, will be here to stay. It is advisable that you develop a well-prepared and targeted email marketing campaign appropriate to your buyer’s journey. Create useful, relevant, and compelling content targeted to your buyer personas to eventually effect an improvement in your conversion rate.

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