3 Ways Small Businesses Can Effectively Do Marketing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

content marketing during COVID 19

Trying to keep businesses afloat while navigating the unchartered waters of the pandemic crisis, what are some of the more appropriate and effective actions can marketers do? Here are three that I tell my clients to do:

1. Empathize with your customers.

No one is interested in sales pitches. Don’t be insensitive. Be compassionate. Let your customers know we are all in this together and share the hope that times will get better sooner. Ensure that your customers know you are always there for them. Build long-term relationship.

2. Maintain constant communication and keep your customers engaged.

Communicate with your customers regularly through blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, or text messages. Drive engagement through worthwhile content that are educational, entertaining, and resonant. Customers have more time now to engage with your content.

3. Deliver true value through helpful education.

Educational content helps your customers make more informed decisions when the appropriate and opportune time comes. Become a freely available adviser, coach, or mentor to them. Publish content that aids in solving your customers’ problems, addresses their needs, or simply puts them in a positive frame of mind.

While adapting your marketing efforts to the current situation, you can also do some self-improvement programs for your business like brushing up on content development, technical know-how sharpening, and general operations review and upgrade.

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