10 Popular Reasons Why Email Marketing Delivers

email marketingThere is no better way to nurture and convert customers than email marketing. With personalization and customization options available to email campaigns, you cannot go wrong in using it to guide your cold leads through the journey that will convert them into loyal brand advocates.

Here are 10 widely acclaimed email marketing features.

  1. The email list can be segmented by groups that have common demographic and psychographic characteristics. This segmentation corresponds to identifying the different buyer personas your business is catering to.
  2. Personalization is a powerful attribute of an email campaign. You can personalize emails so it can effectively connect with your target audience.
  3. All traffic generated by your website, blogs, social media posts, online ads, and even offline marketing efforts would be eventually responded to and managed using emails. Leads move through your sales funnel as triggered by a series of emails you send to your clients until the sales are closed and the customers become your brand advocates.
  4. Email campaigns can give businesses a high ROI. Being a targeted, personalized, and one-on-one piece of communication, emails can systematically guide your customers into making a favorable decision on your offer. This is a high-quality presentation to a qualified prospect leading to more sales at a lower cost.
  5. It was estimated that email users would top 3 billion within 2020. This is a figure that most social media platforms might not be able to equal. Online marketers consider email as the most prevalent and effective way of communicating in a personalized way with their customers.
  6. Contrary to expectations, a great majority of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly. These serve as regular doses of enriching information, insider news, and exclusive updates for your loyal customers and brand champions.
  7. Statistics likewise showed that almost 90% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes. This is particularly pronounced in B2B marketing where information and ideas are formally put down in writing which can be reviewed and evaluated going toward a decision.
  8. Segmented and targeted emails generate more than half of all revenue. The clearer you are as to who your target customers are and how you communicate with them, the greater the chance of boosting revenue.
  9. More than half of emails are read on either smartphone or tablet. The use of smartphones and tablets has enabled us to be always in touch and in the know.
  10. Email marketing creates a strong relationship with your customers and prospects. It is about building real links with people.

To wrap up, email marketing delivers. It has other features that would also be immensely beneficial to your business. Check it out here.

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