Content Marketing

Content Marketing

A strategic marketing program that aims to attract, engage, and retain a specific target audience by creating, publishing, and distributing useful, helpful, and resonant content.

The ultimate goal is to drive sales by converting your website visitors to customers through content that educate and motivate them to make a favorable decision on your brand.

We do content marketing for you –

systematically, successfully.

content marketing strategy

Content strategy

Long-term content strategy:  

For consistency in achieving desired ROI for content creation

Set SMART marketing objectives aligned with your business’ overall goals

Content audit: To identify existing content assets

Examine your business’ content assets for performance results and for possible repurposing

Buyer persona and buyer journey:  To determine the journey stage for each persona

Create content for each persona at different stages of the decision-making journey

Content creation framework: To make content creation easier through an organized and repeatable process from creation to distribution

Establish a framework that enables you to educate and to address the needs of your audience

content idea

Content ideas

Content idea generation process: To establish a predictable flow of content ideas

Discover where ideas come from



Quality content: For blogs that are read and acted on by your audience

Create, structure, and optimize blog posts for engagement

Blogging on relevant topics: As primary source of traffic

Create blog for topics you want to be known for

Guest blogging: To improve referral traffic and SEO of your website

Develop a guest blogging strategy

video marketing

Video marketing

Video as a business strategy: To build trust and help majority of your audience make a positive decision on your brand

Build a video marketing strategy around your buyer’s decision-making journey



Your story: To tell your audience why you are doing what you are doing and to help them remember you

Tell your story and make a human connection with your audience

content organic paid promotion

Content promotion

Promotional plan:  Aim to deliver unique value to your audience

Promote your content organically and selectively supplement it with paid promotion

content metrics analytics

Content performance

Identify and set goals:  Know how your content impacts your business revenue

Set your KPIs and track both organic and paid metric

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on being an actual content creator. We research. We curate. We create original content based on the unique perspective and experiences of our client’s persona.

We also love to write, to tell our client’s story – their challenges, conflicts, resolve, successes, joy. In short, we communicate as a human being who is emotionally and intellectually touching another human being.

Being unique and human in approach, our client can genuinely connect with their own customers.

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