If the PINOY BOSS (PB) wants to make his/her customers happy (or happier), he/she will look for better ways of doing things in the company.

The PB will take a close look at the steps, processes, and procedures being followed by his/her employees for various functions like production, marketing, sales, or customer service.

The PB and his/her employees will work together to discover how to eliminate waste of materials and time, how to produce a better product, how to cover the market more productively, or how to improve response to customer complaints.

Improving processes and procedures is done following a methodology well understood by all concerned employees and aligned with the overall business plan and goals.

If implemented properly, process improvement will result in increased profit, lower cost, better quality of products and services, and happier customers.


After making a plan, the PINOY BOSS (PB) will implement it.

PB will monitor results.  Did the business achieve its objectives?  Were the plans executed in the manner PB had wanted?  How were the resources utilized?  If PB is not satisfied with the results, then PB will conduct an in-depth and objective review of company operations.

PB will take another hard look at the business activities, procedures, and processes.

Together with key personnel and other stakeholders, PB will review and analyze results, what have been done to deliver these results, and how company resources were allocated.  They have to understand the current status of the business and what led to it.

PB and his team will look for areas for improvement.  They will determine specifically how to improve performance in cost reduction, revenue generation,  market development, and other key areas.  They have to find ways for more efficient and profitable operations.


The  PINOY  BOSS (PB) would make a plan that outlines the progress of his/her business from its present status up to a certain level of improvement at some future time.  It shows the movement  of the business from one point to another higher point. It is as if driving his/her bus (the company) from one location (A) to another far location (B).  This is called corporate planning.

Just like in driving, the PINOY BOSS would need a map and directions (strategy) to guide him/her in reaching the desired destination (objective).  The PB would also identify landmarks (benchmarks) that will tell him/her if he/she is in the right track and what progress has been made.

Before the PB embarks on the journey, he/she analyzes the strengths (good engine condition) and weaknesses (bad suspension) of his/her bus as well as opportunities (chance to load more passengers perhaps) and threats (traffic jam) he/she expects to encounter along the way that will positively or negatively affect the trip.

The PB also studies well before travelling the best routes to take (action plans) and makes sure that the bus gauges are all functioning properly so he/she at periodic intervals (monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting) can determine how the bus is doing  during the journey.

The employees are the assistant drivers, navigators, mechanics, conductors, and inspectors that help the PINOY BOSS operate the bus in its travel towards the desired destination.  How all these people inside the bus work together will determine the success or failure of the trip.


Like us,  the PINOY BOSS (PB) has feelings too.  PB knows how to love and be loved though sometimes he/she seems to be as cold as a rock at Antarctica.  PB experiences sadness and sorrow though he/she seems to have never known these feelings.  PB relishes the feeling of joy brought about by people close to him/her but would rarely show it.

Wikimedia Commons/Boss-icon.png/by Rion/CC-BY-3.0

Wikimedia Commons/Boss-icon.png/by Rion/CC-BY-3.0

The PINOY BOSS has also his/her share of shortcomings. He/She may have fallen short of expectations insofar as being a father or a mother maybe.  PB may have failed to be a good friend to some long time close acquaintances.

The PINOY BOSS also experiences failures.  PB may have failed to develop himself/herself professionally.  He/She may be a failure as a citizen or a member of his/her spiritual community.

All said, the PINOY BOSS is not some sort of a deity or a super terrestrial being. He/She, just like us, is also a HUMAN BEING.


Your Pinoy Boss may be seemingly wrong or unreasonable at times, but your Boss will always be THE BOSS.

It is the Boss’ money,  it is the Boss’ company, so the Boss calls the shots.

But you can always talk to your Boss with respect and reason with him/her intelligently. You can make your Boss look at issues from your point of view and make him/her listen while you explain especially if what you are saying is for the good of all stakeholders and the company.

A rational and emotionally balanced Boss will always objectively put the interest of the company above everything else.  And the interest of the company rests upon satisfied customers and happily motivated employees.



So with persistence and proper timing, try again to talk things out with your Pinoy Boss.


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